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Wedding Invitation Symbols

Wedding Cards Catalog (WCC) has a large collection of wedding symbols, which are designed keeping in mind the customs and traditions followed in every religion. Our vast array of symbols consists of Lord Ganesha, Cross symbol and many more.

  • Ganesha Symbols                                       ganesh
  • Wedding Ceremony Symbols                    ceremeny
  • Mehndi Symbols                                          mahendi
  • Muslim Wedding Symbols                          muslim-logo
  • Christian Wedding Symbols                        chrt-logo
  • Sikh Wedding Symbols                                  sikh-logo
  • Doli Symbols                                                    doli
  • Ring Ceremony                                                ring
 You can also provide us with any symbol, which is relevant to your religion and matches with your design. Our customer support team is also online 24/7 to assist you in every manner to select and order the best wedding symbol for your invitation card.